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Padova Street, Monza Street and their surroundings - area of Milan called today as NoLo, namely North of Loreto - are characterised by a strong identity since the second half of the 19th Century. Infact, this heated and changeable identity was born with the first trading activities, which are typical in this district of the city, and with the migratory flow, that is lasting and permanent even today.
During the years, working class has left a significant trace inside the social interweaving that - although with ordinary cases of violence or hardship - offers considerable facts about inclusion, shelter and assistance.
A first example is probably the Trotter Park that from a suitable place for the middle-class leisure - with a hippodrome used also for cycling and motor races - became, in 1922, the foundation for a sperimental school addressed to puny children and to children of poorest social class.
The Istituto Comprensivo Casa del Sole is the biggest outdoor school in the Europe and offers an original educational approch.
The 70% of students have foreign parents, and this tends to create communication problems between the school and the families. To face and to reduce social and language walls, the association Amici del Parco Trotter Onlus have been supporting the institute to propose social activities for twenty-five years. Between this activities there is the LibroTrotter, that consists of readings for children in different languages and they carry out always inside the park; there are also games and workshops at the vegetable garden; dramatic workshops at the little theatre and much else besides.
Inside the park, there is also and archive that collects the photographies and documents about the school during the years. All of that are directed by a group of volunteers, that are often studentsí parents.
The Trotter Park is not a simple garden. The soul of this park, as the urban context where it is located, is determined by the strong sense of social gathering.
The net of ludic and cultural projects makes the Trotter Park a revealing reality in the development of contemporary city and its identity.
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